Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lists: Himanshu's Things

Blogs are about lists. Like remember that time I made a Top 50 Songs of 2008 list, complete with 3 or 4 songs I never even heard? Here's a list I just made with some help from Ashok. It's like Oprah's Things:

10) Arj Barker's character on Flight of the Conchords
9) Hating Guyanese people
8) Swizz Beatz and his fond appreciation of Basquiat
7) Calling the cops and telling them a bouncer is selling E after you've gotten kicked out of a bar
6) Replacing S's with Z's (i.e. Tap Dat Azz)
5) Making violent jokes about your parents (i.e. I'm going to go home and knee my Dad in the face bro!!!) - This could be replaced with that one thing on the Simpsons where the spoiled kid is being a dick to his mom and Bart's trying to get his Bonecrusher video game.
4) Google Image Search
3) Pretending large bottles of Mango juice are 40 Oz. bottles of malt liquor
2) Calling animals and inanimate objects "faggot" (i.e. I gotta take the faggot train now.)
1) Spanish girls (aka The New Books)

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Vodkatron said...

spanish girls are the new books

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