Thursday, January 22, 2009

Art: Thukral and Tagra

(Jiten) Thukral and (Sumir) Tagra are an art duo out of Delhi that my dear friend Sara'o brought to my attention. Here's something I found from an interview of theys:

Q. As Indian artists your works in the form of sculptures, paintings and installations are aesthetically very 'un-Indian' and distinct. Could you tell us about your journey as artists and the influences along the way?

T & T: This 'un-Indian' aesthetic has come naturally to us as when we look around everything is inspired, influenced and pursued with 'un-Indian aesthetics' as you say. We were trained as communication designers, our education being a mix of art and design principles. Observing and creating have become a part of our routine. "Everyday life" influences us. It's more the observations which instigate our process, beliefs and manifestations.

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Dap said...

i just spied that 'fuck cricket' shirt that awesome 1991 guy is wearing in that last one. so swate.

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