Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Music: New Lykke Li Video: "Tonight" + Shugo Tokumaru

Dear Lyyke Li,

Everyone's like all crazy about you these days. Not even these days. To be fair, they've been crazy about you for a while now. All my cool, rooted-in-hip-hop-but-listen-to-more-than-just-that, friends want to marry you. I totally want to marry you too. Maybe soon I'll add you to my Girls I Wish My Parents Would Arrange My Marriage With post. And if it's worth anything, I knew about you hell of long ago because my homie Leif did a dope cover of your joint like a year ago or something. He's the man.

It must be hard to make a video that's just you, emoting into a camera, and a black background for like four minutes. Though if I know of anyone that could pull it off, it's you. Yesterday I mentioned that the 5 elements of rap are Swagger, Breath Control, Stage Presence, Metaphors, and Swagger. You're like the best rapper ever, ma.

Senk You,

Via Stereogum:

Oh man.. How was Shugo Tokumaru on MTV or whichever bastard child of an MTV channel this is? So good.

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Dap said...

I once asked a Japanese guy at a thrift store if he had heard Shugo Tokumaru, then realized how that might be incredibly annoying to him. Then I spent my last few dollars on a pin cushion, so whatever.

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