Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls I Want My Parents to Arrange My Marriage With: Fatima Bhutto

This first Girls I Want My Parents to Arrange My Marriage With of the new year is a difficult one. Although this is a new year and with it and the new administration in the U.S. comes hope.

Despite the sour relations between Pakistan and India, I have like 4 (maybe 5)Pakistani friends. One of these friends, who I highlighted here as a rising political star is a Mr. Ali Naj. 2 or 3 weeks ago Ali mentioned that I should want my parents to try to arrange a marriage between myself and Fatima Bhutto. Bhutto? "No way bro," I thought to myself. There's no way my parents would approve of a holy union between myself and a Muslim, let alone put their necks on the line to set up a marriage. I decided to let it rest. But I couldn't. I thought to myself, this estranged niece of the recently-mercked Benazir Bhutto is worth the fight. She's a poet and a writer, and I love words - that's no coincidence people. Then I found out she got her undergrad degree from Columbia, in the city of my birth and upbringing! And she got her Masters in South Asian Government and Politics, from the School of Oriental and African Studies, my alma mater of a semester! I watched the movie Bombay. I rewatched the movie Bombay. I decided it was worth the fight. Tonight I'll approach my parents in hopes of having them set this union up.

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Who else should I try to get my parents to arrange my marriage with? I need backups. Like I said, this one's going to be tough.


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