Friday, January 2, 2009

Easily the Best Thing I Discovered in 2008

This is probably the third time I’m putting this up on Gordon but I absolutely love this video. Next to one-hitters that resemble cigarettes and make smoking dope in the streets much easier, this is definitely the best thing I discovered in 2008. Everything about it. Part of me wants to find the song being played and download it for personal listening but part of me thinks that would ruin the fun. I feel like the clear object of my affection should be the scantily-clad jawnie rocking a grass skirt and a beautiful stomach - but it’s not. Neither is it the girl on the left who seems unnecessary to me. Girl on the right though, oh man. Those moves at 15 seconds, the pause at 17 seconds, and whatever the fuck that is at 30-35 seconds - can’t top it. I bet you’re clearly the funny one in your group of friends. Yeah, girl in red might get more guys but they don’t really love her - trust me. And girl in white might be a good listener to you and girl in red but she wishes she were you lot. She’s a follower. You though; you’re the spontaneous one. If we ever meet, I’d love to take you out and buy you an American cheeseburger. Brazil should be proud to have such an attractive woman dancing in a random YouTube video that got over 450,000 views and probably had to have the comments section disabled because of all the perverted things people were typing into their computers….

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