Friday, January 2, 2009

To 2000 Grime

Happy New Years.
Thank you for reading my Web Log.
To a swate 2009!

Peep this here chune that's been stuck in me noggin the last couple days:

Big Bills is a collabo jawn by Flosstradomus featuring the homie Caroline from Chairlift, or as I call them C-Lift. This marks the first original production release by Chicago's dopest DJ duo Flosstradamus. Incidentally, when Jeremy and I first moved to NY from college we started a DJ duo called ALPHA BLACK LOTUS - you know, named after the most powerful Magic the Gathering card. Best name ever, I know. Our PR (Public Relations, not Puerto Rican) move was going to be talking trash about Flosstradamus and starting a feud. Then I started rapping with Victor more than DJing and instead opted to channel my hatred towards that freak rap duo of 20-something Carlton-types who rhyme about BMXs and sneakers. Anyway, head here to download BIG BILLS from Green Label Sound.

Sad. In the eyes of my coworkers, who think I went to Wellesley, the only redeeming thing about said school was that there were 2 NFL coaches amongst the alumni. And now we're down to one. A Gordon Gartrelle PEACEOUT DOG to 90s alumnus Eric Mangini, who had a great run coaching the NY Jets if you ask me. I blame Brett Favre. Here's me and the main man discussing Taliban Chic at a party:

But that was the old me. Peep the new new for 2000grime. A lot of people ask me, why the mustache H-Man? Well, because I must stash these balls in your mouth:

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