Friday, June 19, 2009

GG EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Martina from Will They Grow?

Here's our interview with Will They Grow?'s Martina. I think we covered a wide range of topics with these five questions. Enough to give ya'll a better of idea of whose behind the nipples.

Are you familiar with the Honeymooners? Do you think that show's funny at all? Sometimes, late at night, I get a very nostalgic feeling for a past that's not mine, and enjoy the show. Other times I get angry at Alice for being a "sassy" woman whose basically just a compliant housewife. Am I off-base?

I know exactly what you mean, because this is how I feel about the show Friends. It's really not a good show at all, but when it comes on in reruns in the middle of the night, I feel a longing for it to be my personal history. I always think, "Why don't I have a large close group of friends like this, who always say witty things and have serious hair cuts?" But then sometimes, I'm like "Are you really that stupid? Do any of you even have jobs??" Plus, I can never figure out how old they're supposed to be. They act like they're 25, but they are somehow able to afford that giant apartment overlooking Central Park.

When a girl walks by on say, a Saturday night, and I jokingly say something like 'What's really hood?' under my breath but loud enough for the girl to hear, is this inappropriate? It's not quite cat-calling but it might still be construed as a violation of somebody's 'personal space'. Should I stop doing this? (ADDITIONAL INFO: I normally have a very non-threatening demeanor and physical appearance)

I don't even know what "What's really hood?" is supposed to mean. What type of response are you expecting? Like, what would be the ideal reaction to that question? You must be single. You can keep saying it, but really, once you reach your 18th birthday you should consider stopping.

Aliens have landed on earth, they are exactly like human beings in every single way except for their skin color. It's a color we've never seen human beings be before. What color would you want it to be? Basically I'm asking you what your favorite color is, with limited options.

Dude, what is this blog even about?

I'd like to see the aliens have deep yellow skin, like on The Simpsons. If Carrot Top had yellow skin, he'd look like Sideshow Bob. If Bob Barker had yellow skin, he'd look like Mr. Burns. I like to think that my yellow skin counterpart would be that cool babysitter that Bart had a crush on. She was rad.

What cell phone service do you use? Are you satisfied?

I have an iPhone. I'm happy with my service, except for the fact that my freeloading ex-boyfriend is still on my family plan contract and I can see every phone call he makes and receives. It's fun to use the parental controls on the account to randomly block phone numbers on his phone. I like to imagine him having a girlfriend, and then one day he suddenly can't call her and doesn't know why, so she breaks up with him. Or finally getting a job offer, but not being able to receive the call so they give the job to someone else. Actually, that one is probably unlikely. He hasn't had a job in 3 years.

Do you think all the access that children these days have to technology/social networks will lead to them being awkward in "real-life" situations and ultimately lead to them having less sex? What do you think of 'kids today'? (KIDS: 10-18 years old)

No. I love technology. Kids today are super-communicators, and when they're running the world, things will be more efficient than ever before. Don't be such an old man, Old Man.

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KOOL A.D. said...

holy shit i'm in love with this woman

Dap said...

yo me too

Despot said...

word. can't wait til her tits is done growing.

Hima said...

soon she'll be a titful wonder

boobs said...


she makes me wanna start a counter-blog called 'will it grow'

which would be one post long

Hima said...

what a babe. she has good style too, as shown in her june 21st photo with cool colored plaid shirt. no homo.

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