Monday, June 29, 2009

Visitation rights for CF Edley: Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy&Rick James and Eddie Murphy&MJ

Whilst plundering yotub for amazing Howard Huntsberry tracks other than his version of Higher&Higher from Ghostbusters 2, I happened across what I'd thought was just some fantasy fact from childhood. I mean, I thought that this shit wasn't a good enough idea to have been real. Truth is stranger/better than fiction? Not so sure? I kinda like the first track and will definitely subject a party to it:

And maybe this:

And this, definitely this, a Rick James produced classic, kinda:

But sadly not this, this being butt nasty:

So, in summary, I have nothing to say. Just putting this out there. Howard Huntsberry and The Kliques would have been musically better, but this shit is amazing. Maybe sometime soon I'll subject our reader to something good.

Oh also, JSYGdUOMS (That stands for Just So You're Goddam Up on My Shits, in Internets), I'm now the official Yay Area correspondent for GordonGartrelle, leaving Bushwick for the birds, and I'd like to inform, that while I haven't tried it, figuring that I vomit flavored bluntwraps, they do have strawberry flavored yak out here. Real. Really real. Strawberry yak.

Hey coach! Think about it!


Dap said...

the children's choir running around michael jackson...but nah, yeah though

lineass said...

pretty sure that's jackie wilson singing higher and higher in ghostbusters?

CF Edley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CF Edley said... it's Howard. It's the best song ever.

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