Friday, June 26, 2009

CF Edley: Long Lost

So, I've been both busy and relatively 

, and I'm kinda too busy now to say much but:  Obviously I grew up on Michael Jackson.  Obviously.  But what I didn't know until reading the SF Chronicle obit today was that dood's first solo hit, "Ben," was about the fat rat in the original "Willard,"  [wiki synop: Willard is a social misfit with a strange affinity for rats. He lives in a large mansion, accompanied only by his cranky and decrepit mother. His best companion is a white rat he finds and later names Socrates for his wisdom; numerous other rats come to him, one of which is a giant specimen he names Ben. Willard's talking to his rats, however, leads to his mother's death and further pressure from the banks to give up the house. When his boss bludgeons Socrates to death, he trains his rats to follow his commands and kills the man. Ben, however, jealous of his favoritism towards Socrates, eventually turns on Willard] in the sequel to that film called, simply, "Ben," [wiki synop: A lonely boy befriends the rat that leads the swarm of trained/telepathic rats found in Willard. This rat, whom the boy names Ben, becomes the boy's best friend and keeps his spirits up in the face of bullying. However, the balance of power between the human and rat begins to shift, with Ben beginning to control the boy and the swarm becoming increasingly irrational and violent. Eventually, the police destroy many members of the rat colony, while others are sent to testing labs; Ben, however, survives.] hell yeah.  So, basically, Michael came up singing about a fat rat.  Which is rad.

Here's a compilation of the trailers to "Willard" and "Ben,"  which I find somehow comforting:

And here's MJ's title tarck "Ben" in a bizarrely nice performance:

And here's the trailer for Crispin Glover's sweetass remake of "Willard" from '03, a movie I love to watch on VHS:

So, I guess, long live Michael Jackson.  Crispin Glover, RIP.  Or whatever.  I'm kinda sick to my stomach.

~~this computer is fucked up, and I can't fuck with formatting, so there's links to stupid wikipedia pages, lo siento.

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