Friday, June 19, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: King of Talking

Just woke up on the floor, face down, completely sober. While lying there I had a dream that me and two close friends were taking a train on Mars. At one point I looked out the window and could only see vast expanses of ice and was terrified that a man next to me told me if the train got into a crash we'd all be killed because it was so cold. The train required a lot of switching at stations, and it was very difficult and important to get onto your next train (back to Earth) or you'd have to wait for several days for the next one. The trains looked more or less exactly like Amtrak trains but they were on Mars. Almost all of the people taking the train were Japanese tourists or poor and transient minorities. At one of the switching stations I befriended a dreadlocked Japanese man and his wife (who strongly resembled The Boredoms, who I was looking at pictures of two days ago). They helped me find a newspaper, which I kept asking for, and helped us find the next switching station which resembled soccer park style bleachers. As we sat there, a couple below and a solitary young man (who physically resembled an old friend from junior high school whom I haven't spoken with in a decade) talked about cars and how they have become impractical to use on Earth. I repeatedly tried to interject so I could talk about 'debt' and the look-alike solitary man kept interrupting me. Finally I stood up and screamed 'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? THE KING OF TALKING?' and then woke up.

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