Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Visit! from Alec!!

perhaps I have neglected my blogging responsibilities since the honor was bestowed upon me to blog.  for this I apologize.  I assure you all that in the future I will continue to neglect said responsibilities.  that said, here is some fodder for your nightmares.

This young man's name is "Tsimfuckis."  That was a video of him fighting his pillow in his bedroom in Corona Queens.  If you delve deepy enough into his immense library of youtube videos, you would know the walls are pink and purple because it used to be his mom's room.  my dear friend jimmy of rap group brother reade showed me on of these videos last night and it scared me.  He then told me the kid lives in Corona and it scared me more.  I believe Tsimfuckis has Progeria.  He has an affinity for rap music.  He is a bonafide Juggalo.  Unfortunately(?) as of today his "tsimfuckis" youtube account has been cancelled.  I am here picking up the pieces from other peoples' youtube accounts so you can educate yourselves in all things Tsimfuckis.  I think one day we will hang out and maybe make a rap song.

There were a lot more of these, but sadly Tsimfuckis seems to have vanished from the internet.  It is up to you, the blog reader, to decide whether or not I am making fun of disabled people.  I do not know the answer.  I am merely sharing yet another contributor to my sleeplessness.


Mooner said...

You suck.

lineass said...

this terrifying... and amazing

JamesDewey said...

i coincidentally saw my first Tsimfukis video this morning so i'm feeling some sort of salient connection to these youtubes. I think its GG's obligation (as the only viable queens-centric blog on the internet) to find out what happened to this kid who is obviously the man.

wv: kingalin

Dap said...

gg field trip to find this young thang and turn him out...ONCE AND FOR ALL

KOOL A.D. said...

i finally watched these. the still images were crazy enough but now that i've seen this little dude moving around and talking in that elf voice i really feel weird.

andy said...

I'm wondering if this kid died. Just reading up on progeria and apparently most people with it don't live past the age of 13.

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