Friday, June 19, 2009

return of the mack

So I've been neglecting my blogging duties as of late. My bust. It's not y'all, its me. I also blame Twitter and the phenomena of micro-blogging. Lucky for y'all, Dap, Kate and the others at GG have really been holding shit down. That said, I ordered a computer in the mail so I can surf the web at home after work and should be back up on this bitch shortly.

Speaking of computers, last night I went to see Gordon Voidwell and eventually The Pains of Being Pure at Heart play live music shows. Though the computer part isn't just yet, I did know about these shows because of the internet and internet friendship which would be difficult without a computer. Eventually I found myself with the homie Quinn and FAMED RAPPER AND GORDON GARTRELLE CONTRIBUTOR Despot at 4 am on the street corner in front of Enid's. Across the street, shining under a streetlight, was a dude sitting down, back against the wall, feet stretched out, on his laptop - just sitting there. What was he doing? Alec wanted to rob him, but I wanted to help him out and point him in the right direction - maybe because he had some kind of South Asian or Middle Eastern looking thing going on. (This means he may have been South Asian or Middle Eastern). We decided we had to do something. At that point it wasn't clear whether we were going to rob him or advise him to leave, but we knew we had to do something. The confusion was intoxicating. Wait, no, not the confusion. The alcohol I had been consuming the entire evening was intoxicating. We had so many questions: Did this dude get up out of bed at 4 am to hit up the corner and use his laptop? What was he doing on there, online shopping? We had 2 questions. We crossed the street and approached dude: "What are you doing, man?" I don't really remember anything he said which I now realize makes this story pretty useless but I remember telling him it "wasn't a good look" to be on "the block" like that and he didn't seem phased. That said, ten minutes later I do remember looking across the street and seeing that he had taken our advice and left.

That story was mediocre and I feel strange about writing it and asking that you read it.

Which leads me to why I'm posting today, Hans Beck. Hans Beck is the collaborative effort of Sam Han and Chip Beck. In college, Sam Han produced a song that my friend Jeffrey Haynes and I rapped on. It was called "YOU MIGHT GET MURKED" and went over the variety of ways we may or may not be interested in killing you and reasons why we'd be open to such (i.e. Someone touching my cooler ranch doritos, because I've been in this foodrap game since I been rapping.) Chip Beck, you may recall, made a sweet remix of the Pizza song we did and also produced the beat for Fake Patois. Together they are HANS BECK, who sounds like its ONE DUDE but really its 2 DUDES one of whom looks nothing like a dude who would be named HANS. Peep this, inspired by the Canucks logo:

Wale is a rapper from Washington, DC who I enjoy. Daniel Merriweather is a popular R&B singer/songwriter associated with Mark Ronson. Why am I talking about all of this? Because those dudes remixed those dudes and Mark Ronson and Daniel Merriweather will personally choose the winner from the Top Five downloaded versions. The winner will be on RCRDLBL for a week. Don't be an asshole, go download it. The embed won't work so just

Download here:
Then delete the file or use a different computer and download again at the same place:
Then delete the file or use a different computer and download again at the same place:
Then delete the file or use a different computer and download again at the same place:
That's what I did.

See Hans Beck and myself, DJ MAGGIE LAUTEN, play music for you on a stage that will be graced by Gordon Voidwell, Claire Hux, and LEIF.

That's: + +

Leif is always a blast to peep, Gordon Voidwell gets more and more enjoyable every time I see dude and he's something like a charming man, no homo - can i no homo that?, and I'm psyched to see Claire Hux. Why am I psyched to see Claire Hux? Allow me to keep it 100 with you for a second... More so than any musical merit they have, which they do, it's almost 100% due to my appreciation for all things cosby (see: the name of this blog). I was sold before I heard anything.

I put up a bunch of youtubes but my computer froze and now I really want to get out of the office because it's 5:39 PM on Friday. Wooo. As of late I feel like every day has been Friday, and that's no good because Friday's have lost their significance. I gotta think about that. In the mean time enjoy this video of Peter Schilling and band performing Major Tom in the early 80s on some German tv station.

Also, Morgan Freeman is divorcing his wife because of the relationship he has with his step-granddaughter he's been smashing since she was 17. This also caused a rift in his relationship with his long-time mistress.

Greedhead of the Week: Morgan Freeman.

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Dap said...

I love stories like that, I was imagining loud ass Alec on the corner and the dude's blue-glow face. them I imagined both of those motherfuckers GETTIN BUSY!!! Nah though

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