Saturday, June 20, 2009


I had a dream I found a Snickers bar on the ground but it had a little tear in the wrapper so I was going to go to a corner store to see if I could be like "Hey, this Snickers bar has a tear in the wrapper, could I get a new one?" (I realize I tend to never have money in any of my dreams.) But before I find a corner store, I run into fellow Gordon Gartrelle blogger Kate Bryant, who tells me that some (fictional) band called 27 Cigarettes had just hijacked a plane.

The dream then cut to a music video of theirs that was basically the Blind Melon video for No Rain plus the Soul Asylum video for Run Away Train, which got taken off of Youtube but as I remember it has a lot of pictures of lost children in it. I forget the name of the 27 Cigarettes song but the album was called Light Up. I was like, "This band is wack."

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Dap said...

I wish we all lived in the 90s.....THE 1790S!! nah though, i'm mad depressed.

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