Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I had a dream that I was walking around in some beautiful natural setting and then all of a sudden I was Spiderman and I was web-slinging (the second Urban Dictionary defiition, not the first) all over the place on like trees and rocks and then I got to a big parking lot by the ocean and ran into famed AZN actor John Cho who asked if he could "catch a ride" to McDonald's and at first I was thinking it would be a pain in the ass but then I was like, "Wait, I'm Spiderman, I can do this." And I picked him up and started webslinging (again, second Urban Dictionary definition, not first) on the streetlamps in the parking lot but then I end up sort of flying over the ocean and I make a kind of paraglider out of Spiderman webs and float into a McDonald's through what is apparently an open sun roof and inside is political documentarian Eugene Jarecki getting interviewed by some college girl.


CF Edley said...

"This girl won't swallow, so I have to resort to web-slinging her instead."

Hima said...

they definitely paraglided to the white castle at the end of john cho's harold and kumar film.

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