Friday, June 26, 2009


I had a dream that me and a person who doesn't exist but was my best friend in the dream were strapped into these special gigantic seats and playing some ridiculous, hyper-realistic version of the game Doom. Instead of aliens or monsters though, we mostly were shooting regular people walking down the street, trying to find a man named Lombardo. Shortly afterward, I was in my friend Benn Goldschein's apartment in Bushwick drinking Peach Georgi (does this exist?) and thinking about going to the park, where we were instantly teleported to. There were holes in the sand of the park and we had these huge cans of 'mice spray' that we started spraying at the entrances of all these little holes. The spray was incredibly noxious and we kept tossing the cans to the floor after a spray but eventually I saw a dead mouse at the entrance of one of the holes and I plucked it out with my fingers and tossed it at a kid who was sitting nearby. Benn told the kid to 'look at the rainbow' and there was a plastic rainbow attached to a lightpole. I was wearing dark yellow wristbands.

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