Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music: TV on the Radio

This new album is really good. I already mentioned how "Golden Age" was growing on me. I've listened to the album, sans maybe one or two tracks I am very eager to hear, once on the way to work but am thinking about dipping to the park for lunch to listen to it again.

The drums are a bit dancier. A bit more programmed. There's a lot more synths. But not bee ba bee doo synths; SYNTHS. There's strings. It's a bit sexier; a bit influenced by Prince. It's a bit scarier. It's a bit more desperate. Sometimes it reminds me of El-P in a funny, rock-equivalent of his apocaplyptic, melancholy, futurist way. Kyp Malone sings a lot more than I recall on the last album. Tunde sings harder. Sometimes it reminds me of Bowie. There's even a track that sounds like rap but that's not so surprising as 2002's OK Calculator had some flows on it. While that album, their first which they placed into sofa cushions in furniture stores in Brooklyn and performed at coffee shops, had moments of brilliance peeking through in select spots. This album is cohesive. It's consistent. It's an album. It's Radiohead. You know those albums that you listen to through and through? The albums that soundtrack a few months in your life and then when you hear them a year later you remember that time in your life? It's been a while since I've had one of those. This is like that shit. Shit.

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Kool Man said...

you really didnt even shout gerard?? come on heems

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