Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News: Vogue India

September 2007, Conde Naste launched Vogue India. I'm finna cop a subscription. Recently though, there's been controversy surrounding the August issue.

"Vogue India’s August issue presented a 16-page vision of supple handbags, bejeweled clutches and status-symbol umbrellas, modeled not by runway stars or the wealthiest fraction of Indian society who can actually afford these accessories, but by average Indian people. "

"average Indian people" = poor folk. Peep this fendi bib for example:

Or peep this Burberry Umbrella:

Is "dat racist"? In a country where the middle and upper class are rapidly expanding, there is a growing inequality of income amongst these post-1991 liberalized economy classes and the majority of Indians. Is this juxtaposition funny? I don't know. But what I say is, "Hey Vogue, stick with the babes."

Also, who decided to put Gemma Ward up in there. Let me clarify - "stick with the Indian babes".


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