Thursday, September 18, 2008

Art: Baiju Parthan

Tonight at 6 is the opening reception of the new location of the AICON, formerly Arts India, gallery. 35 Great Jones Street. "The Ghost of Souza" is the new location's inaugural exhibit. "The exhibition creates a map of relationships, drawing on a wide range of artists and artiastic practices from contemporary India, bringing them into conversation with a selection of some of Souzas most powerful canvases." While I'm kind of surprised I have yet to post on the work of Francis Newton Souza, one of India's most well known and prolific modern artists, I'm going to save that for later. Right now, I'd prefer posting on someone else I came across who has a piece being exhibited there: Baiju Parthan.

Baiju Parthan has a rather eclectic academic background. He's a trained artist with B.F.A. in painting, bachelors degree in Botany, post graduate diploma in Mythology and Philosophy. Baiju Parthan is an artist with a mythopoeic imagination.
This is Baiju Parthan:

This is his work:

Archeology- House of Spice


'Engineered Fruit'

This is Pigment ink on an Aluminum Composite Panel.

Global Variant, 2004. Whoa:



Baiju Parthan, Archeology Vicissitudes of knowledge

Dude kind of reminds me of Atul Dodiya. And here's an Atul Dodiya piece I just came across. "Mirage", 2002. Atul began painting on shutters as many Indians spent their days and nights behind them during the 1992 riots in India.


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