Friday, September 19, 2008

Music: "Oh Shit, Gang Gang"

Gang Gang Dance's new album Saint Dymphna is out October 20th. A lot of you may remember them from this past year's 88 Drummers event. According to their myspace page, they're buds with GordonGartrelle bud Leif. Though I had read a lot about them before and was fascinated with the descriptions of their music, I never really fucked with them. These two new songs make me wish I did. I'm equally obsessed with both. Now I fuck with them, hardbody.

"Princes" is like nothing you've ever heard. If you're on some next shit like this and it is like something you've heard, do share. Tynchy Stryder's some funny-named grime dude. He's good. I'd love to spit on a beat like this.

Someone descsribed "House Jam" as "The Knife being produced by Timbaland" and I think that's alright though it gives a lot of credit to Timbaland. Brian DeGraw is more like an art Timbo. This is infectious. Lizzi Bougatsos' vocals sound amazing. AY WASSUP GIRL.

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Anonymous said...

oh shhhit, i can fux with this, thanks for breaking me off !

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