Saturday, September 20, 2008

Music: Tinchy Stryder

A few posts ago I referred to Tinchy Stryder as some "funny-named grime dude". My bust. Tinchy Stryder's a real solid grime dude. Part of Roll Deep, he came to prominence playing shows and getting put on by cats like Wiley and Dizzy. He's the "Prince of Grime" apparently. If you haven't heard the Gang Gang Dance song highlighting dude, do that. Fire.

Here's Tinchy on the Ting Tings beat for "That's Not My Name". Murder. DR was thinking about doing a That's Not My Name... They call me vickram, they call me sanjay... They call me Hector, they call me Carlos... There's no use now. (zshare)

He spits on that A Milli beat somewhere on hypemachine too.

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