Monday, September 8, 2008

Music: Passion Pit


Wow. I was sure when I heard the name Passion Pit and the first few seconds of I've Got Your Numberthat this was too cheesy and, well, gay for my taste (no phobo). And I love some pretty twee stuff. Though as poppy as it is, man this shit is great. In fact, there's something very sincere about it's "gayness" (no phobo, part deux). As I begin to slowly hate electro music and uppers, and think about what I really like, it continues to be sample-based music. It's probably due to the affinity for rap music I had before any other genre. Koushik, El Guincho, Panda Bear, J Dilla, Madlib, Go Team!, and now you can add this band of 5 keyboardists/samplers to the list!

Oh, and the whole story goes he made the album as a belated Valentine's gift to his girlie. He was like, "ma i made you this cd. is we a thing though? we a thing?" Download Sleepyhead above NOW!

Also, this:

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jesspye said...

Passion Pit is great live...

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