Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music: MGMT + Laid Back + Hall and Oates

Last week I posted the band on KCRW. If you didn't have 35 minutes to watch that, which I can understand as I just saw it a week after putting it up, I found a video of one of the highlights for me. Here's the band doing a cover of a song called Roger by an 80's Danish (I think) synth- pop band awesomely called Laid Back.

The embedding is fucked but just go to the link:

Or watch them perform it live:

Here's the MP3 of the MGMT cover at KCRW via HEARSAY:

Here's Laid Back's White Horse, which is amazing. "If you want to ride, don't ride the white horse"....

And here's one for Bakerman:

Since I am talking about music videos, and MGMT who I like to think of as a modern Hall and Oates, I'd be an idiot to not post quite possibly the best music video of all time: She's Gone.

And they disabled embedding but check out No Can Do as well:

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