Monday, September 8, 2008

Music: KANYE's new Love Lockdown at VMAs.

Just saw the VMAs. That new Kanye tune, Love Lockdown, sounds great. Though this video will probably be taken down very soon, what the heck:

Update: Big-up for uploading an mp3 of the live rip.

Though everyone's getting carried away with the auto-tune these days, it's good to see people express themselves in ways they couldn't normally. This is a big step for a rapper, and I think its a good one. Whether I like dude or not, I always thought he was going to change what the "idea" of a rapper is for the better and it's shit like this that does it. Some good kinetic energy here too.

Update: Apparently dude will not rap on his new record, being recorded in Hawaii and tentatively titled Good Ass Job.

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