Thursday, April 30, 2009


You remember all those super-shiny dirty south album covers from the late 1990s? I never knew they all came from the same graphic design company, Pen & Pixel:

Classy motto! For those of you you who don't know what I'm talking about here's a smattering of classics plus a few new ones from the website, get familiar (**SIREN SOUNDZ**).


If you're piqued, watch this video of some British dude interviewing the greasy white guy who runs the place. It features a listing of former clientele who are now incarcerated (a long list) and an awkward interaction between Louis Theroux (British dude) and some guy whose crappy album is being designed.

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Shawn Brauch said...

I wasn't that greasy back then! At least I had all my own hair!
We had a good time cranking out covers, made some friends, made some noise and made some money! But most of all made a huge impact on Hip Hop!
The last few covers displayed here are not Pen and Pixel Covers, they're fakes...good try but still fakes!
Thanks for the post!

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