Friday, April 3, 2009


A smattering of Kim Carnes facts direct from Wikipedia:
  • Bette Davis admitted to being a fan of the song and approached Carnes and the songwriters to thank them for making her "a part of modern times."
  • The original demo of the tune that was brought to him sounded like "a Leon Russell track, with this beer-barrel polka piano part." Keyboardist Bill Cuomo came up with the signature synth riff which now defines Carnes' version. The song was recorded completely live in the studio on the first take
  • The Chipmunks covered this song in 1982 on their album Chipmunk Rock.
  • A live recording by Brad Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies was included on his first solo CD, 2001's Crash Test Dude.

Make sure to check the real video on that youtube, they've disabled embedding for whatever reason. It features really awesome SYNCHRONIZED SLAPPING.

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