Monday, April 20, 2009

\\\best. band. ever. : Neon Indian

Everyone likes their mysterious bands these days. Neon Indian is a mysterious band. Neon Indian is also what people called me when I listened to hell of electro music and dressed slightly dumber than I do now. Everyone doesn't like them yet. Maybe everyone should. I like them. I can only speak for myself. Neon Indian is a boy from Austin and a girl from Brooklyn. Their real identities have yet to be revealed though word on the block is they've been around making music and if we find out who they is we'd know. They make music by correspondings with one another. I bet if one of them runs a gmail search for emails from the other, shit is bananas. Like 800 e-mails and conversations.

One day I will learn about bandwidth and post mp3s and stuff. I'll even get a computer and blog from home. Until then there's GorillaVsBear:
Should Have Taken Acid With You **listen to this joint
** update. holy shit. this shit is so good.

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