Friday, April 24, 2009

\\\yoga alert: 83 yr. old lady does crazy yoga shit

"Mrs Calman teaches up to 11 classes a week with no sign of stopping and she keeps the 'corpse' posture strictly for her classes."
Somebody make a joke involving her age and the corpse posture for me please. My head hurts.


Dap said...

WADUP MA, HOW BOUT WE HOP IN THIS TIME MACHINE, GO BACK IN TIME 50 YEARS AND SMASH? oh? you love your grandkids? hmmm..alright...

Wins said...

I am speechless. She has a miracle and I think this is only because of Yoga. In this age she is doing really a wonderful work. It is absolutely right that yoga keeps us fit but did not know that in this age it works same as.

Wins Honey

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