Monday, April 27, 2009

\\\art shit

It's been months since I put any brown art up on the bloggu. Here's some stuff brown doodz and broadz made for ppl to look at. click for larger, dum dum.

Samaraendra Raj Singh - "Indian Idol", 2008, 152.4 x 305 cm, oil/acrylic/foil on canvas
Subodh Gupta - Untitled, 2003, 44 x 90, oil on canvas

Pushpamala N - The Native Types - Circus, 2004, 20x24, type c-print on metallic paper

Ranbir Kaleka - Man Threading a Needle, 1999, 23.5 x 35.5, video projection on painting, 6 minute video loop
Rashid Rana - Ommatidia III (Shah Rukh Khan), 2004, 30 x 31, digital print
Bari Kumar - Descent, 2007, 60 x 72, oil on canvas
Bari Kumar - Salve, 2007, 72 x 108, oil on canvas
Jitish Kallat: Lie of the Land, 2002, 48 x 96, mixed media on canvas
Jitish Kallat: Italics (War Dance), 2002, 90 x 60, mixed media on canvas

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Sara'o said...

Thanks for putting me on to Pushpamala N.
This is ill:
I'm his kid, I stunt with my daddy.

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