Friday, April 10, 2009

\\\wambo on asher roth + colt daddy

this dood wambo from mass really puts it down on this asher roth diss while driving with his knees:

there was this other diss that was really really bad by colt daddy and frank dux. it included blatant use of the n-word and received like four or five youtube responses of people laughing at it or dissing frank dux and colt daddy. i cant find that youtoob anymore but what i did find is colt daddy's response to people complaining about his use of the n-bom.

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What up my niggaz? I have been getting some negative comments in the rap forums about me saying nigga when I rap and it is all bullshit. Not being able to say nigga as a rapper is a huge set back and it eliminates so many awesome rhymes that I could say. So I said FUCK IT. I am not racist. I see no color. I am color blind. All I see is my freinds, haters, and motherfuckers I dont know. Beside's I am half black so it is ok to say that. PEACE OUT MY NIGGAZ!!!!!!!

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The Stratetician said...

this dude is a cornball. imma kick push and film my wambo diss. peep copywrite's Asher diss. HE ACTUALLY GOES INNN!!

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