Thursday, April 23, 2009

Visitation Rights for CF Edley: Sleng Teng, actual fact

[Admit it. While figuring this pretty figured out I finally came on the wiki page and it turns out that everything I'm about to tell you is right there. Which is good, but makes me ex post retarded.]

Sleng Teng is the first digital riddim. Meaning, the first one based not on any analog recording and analog effects. That's why it sounds so flat. Jammy and Wayne Smith made it around 85 based on this dood's chune:

And, crazily, out of this preset from the Casio MT 40 home keyboard:

Which is crazy.

They came up first with this Wayne Smith classic:

Then came other classics, including Pumpkin Belly by Tenor Saw, who is the tops:

Basically, Jammy made this happened and changed the game forever. Tubby came with Tempo shortly therafter:

I grew up on that one.

Then you get slight variations that predate the digital. Which is a backwardsass way of talking history, but this one is important, and I know you all know it:

Point, riddims is timeless. People still do them hard. When something good is good it lasts.

fuck visualizers. stay high.

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