Friday, April 24, 2009

\\\underrated in the game like my name wood harris

If you ask me, Wood Harris is like the Mark Ruffalo of black actors. (Fun Fact: I thought his name was ACE WOODS and originally googled that). A lot of people prefer the triumvirate of Mekhi Phifer, Tay Diggs, and Omar Epps in the black actor game - not this guy.

I believe I first came across dude in Paid In Full, a severely underrated urban film about drug dealers in Harlem in the 80's (aka my favorite shit). I probably first came across him in 1998 when he played "Shadow" in an episode of New York Undercover (aka my favorite shit). In 1997 Wood played Cafe 24 Busboy in As Good as It Gets. That same year he played "Tony" on "Cosby" the terrible post-The-Cosby-Show show featuring Doug E. Doug (aka what a joke).

You probably know Wood as Avon Barksdale from The Wire.

Here are some images of Wood Harris:


*** Steve reminded me that Wood was also the black linebacker in when we were titans and played jimi in the jimi hendrix made for tv movie.

*** Kate (of a visit from Kate fame) corrected me - it was called Remember The Titans and it was great.

***jdsehring: oh shit, some other info re: wood harris, he has a really good cameo with amy poehler in that The Rock and Sean William Scott Movie, Southland Tales, most of the movie doesn't make sense and its all over the place, but he made me laugh in it, showing that he has range.

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Kate said...

it's called remember the titans and it is great

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