Friday, April 24, 2009

\\\arranged marriage: archie panjabi

where do i begin? let me copy and paste an internet conversation I had with my homegirl riffo:

me: u know what, i think that movie with heather graham, the guru, is actually dope as shit

Sarah: really?? i doubt that

me: nah its about an indian guy that wants to act and then ends up pretending to be a guru making money off of rich whites who exotify him, but all hes doing is stealing ideas on sexuality from a porn star and flipping them off as spirituality

Sarah: ohh that one, i was thinking of that mike meyers shit that looked awful

the guru was ehh

that guy was in east is east

whatever that movie was with archie punjabi

(best name ever)


Sarah: look her up

me: oh my god, archie panjabi is a stone cold fox

holy shit, gonna post on her on the blog

I'd love to have an arranged marriage with Archie Panjabi. Her name is Archie Panjabi! Best name ever is correct! These are some of the movies Archie Panjabi has been in:

East is East, Bend It Like Beckham, a tv version of White Teeth, Arranged Marriage, The Constant Gardener, A Mighty Heart

Archie Panjabi Picture

Now I kind of want an arranged marriage with Irfan Khan instead.



Dap said...

I know this chick! I'd recognize this incredibly sad looking Indian woman anywhere. also, Irfan was drinking one two many johnnie reds on ice. or whatever.

Riffo said...

she's purdy.

irrfan khan has "uncle eyes"...i don't think i need to give an explanation of what that is; the picture speaks for itself.

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