Thursday, February 19, 2009

We on That YouTube/Das Race War: "Exterminate All White People"

"Activist and bookstore owner Dr. Kamau Kambon, who taught African Studies 241 in the Spring 2005 semester at North Carolina State University speaking live on CSPAN."

And here are your Youtube Comment Stream Highlights:
  • SSNilsson says: "If it wasn't for us bringing over your 'Ancestors' over on slave ships you all would be still pulling earthworms out of African soil you dumb shit."
  • Denilson200 says: "It's about time we heard someone speak for us all and tell white people what we truly think about them. Stupid white fucks. They think we like them. THEY REALLY DO. A few smiles and the crackers are fooled."
  • Jrushi5: "Real sharp guy right there. He should stop by and visit us in Livingston Parish sometime."
  • 8dontworry8: "I've never read anything useful by Blacks (as you said they are 'ignorant')... Nor have I seen anything useful come out from them. Unless you count rape, killing, and rap as an accomplisment... Lol!"
  • Pur3pwnage (best Youtube name ever) says: "u stupid black piece of shit, you dont mind using the medicene, telephones, recources made by the white people. u ungreatefull piece of shit! i fucking swear that people like you are the ones discriminating and stopping elquality. i am a white male from england. i am 15 and share a huge interest in polatics. but i think everything you just said shows how one sided the ratial argument is. if a white man said all black people need to be exterminated we would be locked up. you racist son of a bitch"
  • SuliyanaSOS says: "Kunta Kinte times is a thing of da past so stop making it a big deal n exaggeratin cuz wite ppl arnt as dey used to be."

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