Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awesome: Sita Sings the Blues

Big ups to Sarah Riffu, aka "Bunty," for putting me on to this.

Nina Paley's "Sita Sings the Blues" is an 82-minute animated retelling of the Ramayana (Pronounced: Rom-eye-uhn, unless your one of them Southies with their own freak pronunciation.) set to '20s-era jazz. "Along with traditional 2-D animation there are cutouts, collages, photographs and scenes with hand-painted watercolors as the backdrop" (NY Times). Nina Paley ran into some legal trouble over the copyrights for some of the music she used, though due to an exception in some copyright joint, public tv stations can broadcast music without having to clear individual licenses and it's on tv. March 7, PBS. Trailer:

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