Thursday, February 5, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Dance Floor Dale + Swayze Alert

I'm a big fan of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job on [adult swim] and have been since it debuted. It's the perfect combination of mindfuckery and straight up idiot shit to keep me entertained during it's 11 minute run time. Finding out Warp Records (of the incredibly wack Warped Tour) were commissioning a video by Eric Wareheim for Flying Lotus' Parisian Goldfish left me breathtakingly rock. What I didn't expect was wild psychedelic simulated sex.

Also, Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer and is liable to kick the bucket (pronounced 'bookay') soon. Bad enough considering 'Ghost' and 'Dirty Dancing' are two terrible movies me and every Indian 'uncle' has seen over a thousand times. But when you consider that 'swayze' is possibly the greatest 90's slang/freestyle word ever, it becomes a real tragedy. Let's pray/smoke/drink for homeboy.

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