Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Week: Trovata + Marc + Band of Outsiders + Duckie Brown + Rag & Bone

Doing these fashion posts is the most nerve-wrecking thing for me. As you may know, I work in a very, let's call it, hetero-normative environment. Needless to say, Men's Fashion isn't a topic of frequent discussion at the water cooler. Although, did you know that another round of layoffs seems imminent at Merrill/Bank of America this coming Friday? Overall, Trovata, Band of Outsiders, and Marc Jacobs (who I usually kinda hate on) were the most up my alley. A lot of guys went overboard on the great depression angle (as Sara'o pointed out). I was pretty happy with the amount of men of color walking the runways of some high-end lines this year. As Sara'o said, it seems "white guilt is the new black." Lifted entirely from, here are some of my favorite looks from my favorite designers showing in New York this week:

Trovata: Trovata is one of the few brands I post about that I actually own an article of clothing from. The new line gains inspiration from Paris in the late 60s which is also the focus of Band of Outsider's new line. It's a pretty manly line. Love the duffle coats.

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Did Marc Jacobs really play Roxanne Shante at his Men's show 2 nights ago? That's awesome. Lots of layers. Classic brickwork. Really sweet sneakers and boots.
Band of Outsiders: This collection was inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's La Chinoise and also touches on late 1960s Paris.
Duckie Brown: Forward ass dudes. Ninja looking shit. A little too out there for me.
Rag & Bone: Music was curated by Thom Yorke who also wore their stuff during the Grammys (along with Weezy's who's hopped on board). I've maybe followed men's fashion for a year now but it all started when Jeremy and I would watch Full Frontal Fashion on NYC TV and saw Rag & Bone's line this time last year and couldn't lift our jaws off the ground. Duckie Brown and Rag & Bone both seemed to be influenced by Ninjas this year.

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Faizaan said...

hey my dude,

Long time no speaks. I know exactly what you mean. I would get such a puzzled look from my boss if i was checking out a nice rag and bone get up. Friday's a big day, I might be joining the ranks, its not bad though I hear there are Merrill-BofA severance packages going out to 8 months. So if that happens then i'll be doing my part to stimulate the seedier elements of the Thai economy. You should check out my GF Haniya's fashion blog. She knows her shit and is brown, so i think thats relevant.

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