Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think I want to get this little guy tattood on the back of my arm - sans the Air-India part. I've wanted a tattoo for some time now but never pulled the trigger. Though I've mostly joked about it, I've actually considered the cheeseburger tattoo on my lower back. Not just any cheeseburger, mind you, but a cheeseburger with 8 arms that each hold another cheeseburger. Holy blasphemy though! As Hari Kondabolu's Manoj character would say, that's a HinDon't! This guy though, he might be spot on. I'm something of a diaspora nut, though after leaving college the whole identity politics thing has taken a back seat in my life. That said, it's still my favorite shit to think about and follow, from music, to visual art, to fiction, etc. What's more representative of the South Asian diaspora than India's airline? Colonialism? Oh! Okay. But that would be a real difficult tattoo to conceptualize. I'd have to have a British soldier raping a map of India and that's kind of a downer so I'm going to stick with Air India Mascot Man, who we'll call Pinky (or Pappu) from now on. Hmm.. What do ya think? Is this a good idea?

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