Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music Roundup: What I'm Lissning To And Stealing From Other Blogs

First and foremost, Nah Right dropped another new DOOM track from the BORN INTO THIS promo. Here's DOOM dropping knowledge over J-Dilla's Lightworks (Sharebee).

And via, CannibalCheerleader, here's CELLZ (mp3). I just came across Cannibal Cheerleader and they have a great track-by-track review of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs upcoming album which I'm also excited for. I dropped one of the tracks here earlier and there are a couple of others floating around. I've enjoyed everything I've heard so far.

I'm a much bigger fan of Beirut than I often remember. Dude lived in the same building as me by the Morgan stop before I lived there and came back with a full band to film a couple of the songs for his take-away show of each track on The Flying Club Cup. I woke up on a Sunday at 11 AM, maybe hungover, and thought someone was playing the album until I saw the entire band filming Nantes in my stairwell. That was cool. A while ago there was a track called Venice going around that was much more electronic than anything I'd ever heard from Zach Condon, and I liked it. While I haven't heard any of the new album inspired by his time in Oaxaca, Mexico, I've listened to the entire Realpeople EP, which includes Venice and 4 other electronic songs, and am a big fan right now. Via All-Things-Go, here is the stellar My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille. Good song. Very good song.

NEXT - Cam is one of the only fools who can come close to touching DOOMs vocabulary game --> Golly I'm Gully, Look at his Galoshes Vs. 23 skidoo. (Ghost comes close too). Again via NahRight, practically the only hip-hop blog that matters, and thanks to Miss Info, who I didn't care much for until I started following her on Twitter, Cam'ron's new joint: I Used To Get It In Ohio (sharebee).


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