Friday, February 6, 2009

On Cosby Season 1

I saw a great episode of Cosby last night at 1 AM. It was from the first season. Denise had braces. Rudy was still adorable (not like the episode I saw last week where she was finna sneak out to the club). It was long before the days of Cousin Pam, Lance, Slide, and Charmaine. Theo was a much worse actor than the terrible actor he would later always be. Cliff and Claire found a joint in Theo's geology book. It looked like joints look on tv. They asked him if it was his, he said no, and they trusted him. He felt terrible. Denise asked him if he was upset because he brought home a D and Theo said "Close... Mom and dad found a J in my textbook." It was so awesome. He found out it belonged to a guy who goes by the name Enforcer. He wanted to earn their trust back so badly he was willing to fight the Enforcer. When the Enforcer saw how important it was to Theo, he agreed to go to Theo's crib (which was not a brownstone on the inside like any BK resident would tell you) to tell his parents the truth. They later became friends who played freeze football together.

Here's a clip from the Gordon Gartrelle episode:

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