Thursday, November 19, 2009


so I really can't tell how many people have seen this, because it varies between either "um, no one" or "EVERYONE DUH" when i'm in different circles, so I'm just gunna put it up here, because of course everyone i ever talk to reads this blawg.

anyway, it's David Byrne Interviews David Byrne, made as an epilogue for Stop Making Sense. It's one of the best short films I've ever seen, and also has some of the best interview questions and interview answers of any interview I've seen. Also acting. And costumes. And set design. I'm not kidding.


Margaret said...

truth and truth.

thanks for this. made my phuckin day.

Tal said...

i'll comment on this later

ashraf said...

are we not going to talk about the blackface david byrne? what the hell?

boobs said...

about what an astounding use of blackface it is? blackfacing up as a white-dude-journalist type black man? blackface of eddie murphy in whiteface? is it possibly... post-racism?

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