Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was in the passenger seat of a car on some sort of freeway that I understood to be in LA. I was with the guy who plays Oscar in the office, but in the dream I knew that he was an actor. We were driving around and it was slightly warmer than usual. Through some sequence of events I cannot remember, I came to learn that the sun was soon going to 'dwarf' and destroy the world. I remember then being in the basement of my old house in Queens listening to the radio which was telling people to prepare for the "possibility" that the sun was going to "dwarf" at "107.9" which I still don't understand at all, but was a recurring part of the dream. I was with the Oscar character again and we went to this strange beach that was just in the middle of downtown and began preparing for the end of the world, which was mostly just staring at the sun from this beach and talking to each other. A crowd of people joined us. I remember as the "time" (107.9) came closer I said something to the effect of "I don't know how this is going to end, so I'm just gonna say this real quick before saying this Kool Keith-like shit "107.9, I'm hiding in a basement/107/9 where ya face went?" Everybody started laughing and like five seconds later it started getting really hot and the Sun started getting bigger. The dream then cut to a view of the Earth from space as the Sun exploded. There was a long, nebulous part of the dream I don't remember but I could feel I was this floating energy in space and I was wondering if the other people I knew on Earth still existed. Then it cut to another view of the area Earth once existed in and two large planets collided and formed this new strange planet that had much rounder bubble-like masses of land but otherwise mostly resembled Earth. The next part was me, my long-time friend and DR engineer Daniel Lynas, the Oscar actor and a bunch of people I have never seen before meeting them on this new barren landscape, except we were much "closer" to other structures of the Universe, there wasn't a sky. It would look like living on a planet with no atmosphere. I remember there was an intense joyous feeling because we all "existed" again and we all started hugging each other. At one point, a "black hole" began forming and I was alerted to the fact that the citizens of the new planet were watching as a gigantic planet-sized hamburger was floating into the black hole. For some reason, this was very sad and meaningful to all the new citizens. I remember that this made everybody start acting like they did back on the "Old Earth" and it was very depressing. I started flying so I could grab the Hamburger. I managed to get one bun and the patty when I began being sucked into the black hole, but I wasn't at any point scared. Then a voice in the dream said "You wanna show them?" or something like that and there was this insane sequence of events where I flew through this weird space tunnel looking at all these celestial space things and it ended in "the center of the universe" which was this incredibly beautiful and gigantic space that had as it's center a Nataraja and there was an Om-like chant I could hear. I woke up with the incredibly bright sun on my face.

Nataraj is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for god Brahma to start the process of creation. (Wikipedia)

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