Friday, November 6, 2009

\\\\\\ On Horrorcore, Grizzly Bear, and Fred the Godson

It's 2009! It's almost 2010! Thanks to the internet, mostly, you can appreciate hardbody emcees from the Bronx whose hood tails you genuinely believe and that'll blurt out an unnecessary "I Kill Faggots" in the middle of a rap battle and at the same time appreciate a band like Grizzly Bear fronted by a gay dood. Right? Should I feel weird about my conflict of musical interests? It could be worse. I could be a juggalo. Or a maggot. Or instead of a fan of one of those two bands, ICP and Slipknot, I could be a maggalo like these two guys:

Fuck them richie-hoes as well. Fred the Godson is not a good looking man. I don't hold this against him. Though it should be mentioned because the other night while sitting around having our rap youtube party it seemed to be the topic of more discussion than dude's actual rhymes. So let me just get that out there. That said, he's a talented ass dude and when he rhymes about the snub nose firearm he carries having allergies and sneezing at you I get chills (no homo). Also he has a rhyme about Bin Laden and how his connect has been Latin. Nice.

(pro homo). After Two Weeks and another leak were out there and everyone eagerly anticipated Veckatimest I was worried the best material was already out there but to me Ready, Able was the standout track. I've said this before but the melody that kicks in at that 2:23 mark brings back memories of the Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar my father played at home when I was younger. It's probably universal but something about it seems very Indian to me. Anywho, as the standout track on the album I was psyched (no pun intended, perhaps this will make more sense when you see it) to hear about this new video. Much akin to Grizzly Bear bein a real problem in the music game (and that's an urban talk compliment if you ain't know), apparently
Allison Schulnik is a problem in the music video, claymation, art game because this shit is stunning. Absolutely stunning. It's creepy, depressing, inspiring, beautiful and there's never a dull moment. Me likey.

To be fair I believe Grizzly Bear has contributed a lot more to the music game than Fred the Godson. I just like large dudes (pause, more a result of biggie and my being like 8 when i dug that shit than anything else, pause) spitting about violence and drugs a lot. A lot.


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