Tuesday, November 17, 2009

\\\internet radio. shits

i pride myself on putting people up on some new new. my homies nixon and vic hipped me to mayer hawthorne a year ago when i lived with nixon. hawthorne's on stones throw which is enough to sell me but beyond that shit was dope. shit was dope. it was dope. a year later hes blown up as expected and has delivered any time he's been tested. "tested?". i moved back in w those fools i mentioned earlier, on some personal shit, coincidentally. but.... yo - regardless of how weird the "any time he's been tested" sentence is peep this --->

so yeah

heres mayer hawthorne on kcrw radio. shit is actually amazing. the talky talky chatty chat is decent but hes amazing singing live and his shit is dope. im coppin the vinyl - http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb090908mayer_hawthorne

speaking of radio. ninjasonik on street carnage radio with derek beckles (sp? wtf. whatever yo its like 4 am and im with my dude and his girl and they're arguing so im escaping into the internet) had a great interview. a lot of highlights but for me the second getting poop on your hands and accidentally getting it on your collar while pooping i knew who the gold medal winner was.

oh man. im goin to sleep. one.


one of the dopest things DAP put me on to ever is stretch and bobbito when a drunk quincy jones showed up and when a drunk q tip called in. im gonna leave it to the hyperlink but i hope DAP comes in with an UPDATE w more info on how amazing this is. i cant believe he hasnt posted it already.



Dap said...

expect a full stretch and bob post later today. so good.

CF Edley said...

There's a great Vito Acconci piece called "Defensible Spaces" where the gallery is empty cept for some stairs up to a door, and then you open the door and it's stairs down to a hallway, and Vito is standing there blindfolded with a baseball bat, swinging his ass off whenever anyone opens the door up. I prolly spelled his name wrong though.
Reminds me of this/that.

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