Wednesday, November 11, 2009


okay yeah i know sharing funny PSAs on the internet is older than youtube itself, but i just happened upon three pretty amazing ones in a row, and thought all 6 of our readers [=writers] would enjoy them.

first hanna barbera constructs an anti-drug psa that would be very enjoyable while high:

next Pee-Wee Herman begs to get sampled by talking about crack:

And finally: R2D2 smokes!

here's another star wars psa, where one alien at the cantina doesn't let his alien friend fly home drunk. it's not very good or funny.

oh shit, here's another one with the Ninja Turtles, and it's also shitty but it does feature Michaelangelo suggesting that if you're offered pot, the proper response is to get a pizza.

Who are the ad wizards that decided the best people to tell kids not use drugs are characters that would not exist if it weren't for their getting being extremely baked?


Mooner said...

That makes this the Star Wars Anti-PSA?

Mooner said...

Ps. Blogger is fucking retarded, can you guys get a real website FFS. Thanks in Gameboy Advance Wars.

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