Sunday, November 29, 2009

cf edley takes a long time

So I'm gonna be quick here, and just post two real hot cuts that are making me feel allright allright.
The first is a Paradise Garage joint by some crew called Class Action, and it's the mix by the dood Lerry Levan who made all the hottest music. According to the wik he died in a "real pile" of drag queen bodyguards, which is awesome. This particular cut is my new favorite. I really strongly very much do encourage a docile/spastic 8min listen, cuz new stuff happens all the time, like the fucking outrageously hot synth line at 1:30, and it really takes some grooving to to realize that this is a minimalist geniuspiece. Actually, if you don't have 8 minutes for this song you can go to hell. Enjoy it with cocaine on your genitals:

The second cut is also a Lerry Levan touch. This one by the NYC Peech Boys, who were hot shit while I was still dead. But if I could dance before life it would be to a cut like this:

And now I decides to toss in a real dirt heavy old dub from Joe Gibbs, cuz Gibbs are the real genius, and he have the style I love and respect:

Massive love to all wonderers. No jacket required. Full effect

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