Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Music: Letters and R&B and 112 and Aaliyah

I was a sucker for mid-90's R&B. Like big time. The first tape I ever bought was It Was Written by Nas, in the 4th grade, but the second tape I ever bought was Blackstreet. More than Blackstreet I loved 112. "Only You" with Biggie and Mase is to this day thoroughly enjoyable in my eyes. I mean I really, really loved 112. I may have had a screen name that ended with the numbers 112. Before you judge me, know that a lot of people respected for their music tastes in 2008 listened to Emo trash. Okay, I thought Saves the Day was okay. But that's where I drew the line. I think a lot of people that messed with Hot 97 and rap back in the day were fond of R&B as a result though as they matured it grew old. Actually, fuck it, I think Neyo is great too. Even Chris Brown, shit.

Anyway, I was helping a friend with a letter and 112's "Your Letter" came to mind. I was pretty much a sucker for anything on the album Room 112 - Funny Feelings, Crazy Over You, etc. In a weird way my most recent affinity for Francis and the Lights' slower jams is related to that appreciation for R&B from the 90's.

And while we're on the topic of letters and R&B, I'd be crazy to not pop off "4 Page Letter" by Aaliyah. Man. First Aaliyah, then Tim Russert? Fuck.

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