Sunday, November 30, 2008

Music: "The Strangest Organ is the Human Heart"

New Das Racist song up:

Also, come see us play at The Delancey with Rumspringa on Dec. 5th. It's a Friday! We'll even practice if you promise you'll come. I promise.

In closing, the following is the best song ever. Have you ever gotten into a random Acura Legend on Delancey to sit down next to an attractive Latina girl for 2 minutes to take part in a shady transaction? You're kind of afraid but kind of excited. You're nervous but capitivated by the intoxicating mix of sheer beauty and raw "I know people that can break your legs - like, mad people." You begin to wonder - is this what love is? Then all of a sudden the following song plays on Hot 97 and you think to yourself... maybe, but I better get the f out of this car. A week later you hear the song on the radio and think of your ride-or-die chick with a heart of gold. In fact, every time you hear that song you think of her. You think "one day I'll save you and we'll listen to that song on No Way Out where Diddy rhymes about dating a Spanish girl... one day mami."

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Vodkatron said...

short circuit two is a classic, dr kinda reminds me of los locos anyway

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