Monday, November 10, 2008

News: MIA Tour Rider + A Family Guy Moment

I get a kick out of reading tour riders and The Smoking Gun is always a good source. Part of it is dreaming to one day be able to request anything I want from tour promoters at any time. They just put up Rhianna's tour rider which includes hard-boiled eggs requests at ANY TIME and jerk chicken. My favorite tour rider of all time has to be Gnarls Barkley though. Gnarls Barkley demands a bucket of fried chicken, a bottle of Grey Goose and one of Henny, a pack of Magnum Condoms, and a pack of Swisher Sweets Blunt cigars. See MIA's tour rider below (click for larger image). Hell to the yeah on cave-aged Gruyer cheese ma:

My tour joint would include Vanilla Dutch Masters, Smoking brand Black label Cigarette Papers, American Spirit rolling tobacco, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, P.B.R., 6 40s of Country Club Malt Liquor, Hennesy, Grey Goose, Jameson, Patron for my posse, Ginger Ale, those San Pellegrino Lime sodas, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Makhni with Onion Kulcha Bread, Green Tea, a copy of the Economist, 2 packs of Marlboro Milds and 2 of Newports, a boombox that only plays Phil Collins, and a robe. What would your tour rider have?
Also, on a totally unrelated note, Family Guy was always a show that I enjoyed but resented at the same time. I resented it because it made normally funny people feel like all they needed to do to get a laugh in with their friends was quote an episode or even better "Remember the Family Guy where...." and I couldn't stand that. That said, remember the Family Guy where Stewie goes up against Sinbad on Star Search and loses and Stewie totally gets it because that damn Sinbad is so funny? And then Stewie goes:
"Men be acting all like zombies at the mall." God, ain't that the truth?
UPDATE: Gawker posted the same MIA tour rider at 5:54 PM on Mon Nov 10 2008. As some girl in my friend Ashok's 4th grade math class once yelled at him, scarring him for life (seriously), STOP COPYINGGG MEEEE!!!!!!


owen said...

Just the Phil Collins boom box.

Andre said...

Dre Bly tour rider: 2 bags cool ranch doritos, 8 bottles of tabasco sauce, 2-liter Mug root beer, 1 bottle hypnotik, one bottle henny, 12 cans of hyphy juice and a handle of jameson (to make McDummy's), 3 paper clips, spalding "never flat" basketball, nerf sniper rifle, Jordan XI's (the patent leather ones), a MiniDisc (tm) player, cave-aged gruyere, and a dvd of fivel goes west.

Kool Man said...

47 20 bags of yuke

Alexander said...

a pretty girl who gets me whatever i want very quickly. and hima.

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