Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Music: Best Song Ever!!: Busy Signal - Private Call

A month or two before J-La left New York we decided Electro was about to die. We looked at our options, weighed them out, and decided the next jumpoff wouldn't be something new but rather a reappreciation of dancehall reggae. A month or two later J-La sent me the following YouTube. Though it's old now, this is still the BEsT! SoNG! EvER! Take a look at the lyrics if you don't believe me:

Who's calling me from an unknown number?/
We nuh answer no unknown number/
Nah pick it up if it's a private call/
Gangsta nuh answer no private call/

He goes on to lament on why someone would call him if they don't want him to see. The feds nah let him be and tap he phone like the KGB meanwhile the gyal a stalk he. My personal favorite is when he states he nah go answer even if a he mommy. You see, the numba haffi show pon di I.D. cause he nah store some of he frend name.

Busy Signal is on top of his game. Dig up his song Pounds of Dro with Jamtech Foundation or Tic Toc with MIA and Rye Rye. There's also a great MIA and Buraka Som Sistema collaboration floating around. If you dig Busy, you should also peep Mavado. Here's Busy and Mavado in the studio:

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