Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fashion: Comme De Garcons + H&M and Tech: Blackberry Storm

Thursday, November 13th, Comme de Garcons ("like some boys") and H&M are teaming up to put a diffusion line out. For CDG, prices are significantly lower. I mean, suits under 300, shirts at 50 - basically knock off a 0 plus a hundred or few bucks from Comme De Garcons' normal prices and you get the picture. The Roberto Cavalli collection sold out of H&M in less than 2 hours and it was a bad scene. From http://www.racked.com/, at the Cavalli sale a gay man yelled the following at a woman: "Bitch if you grab that, I'm going to fucking cut you". Dag!!

Here's where to pick up the stuff:

  • H&M 5th Ave - 640 5th Ave at 51st - 212-489-0390 - Map

  • H&M Penn Station - 435 7th Ave at 43rd - 212-643-6955 - Map

  • H&M Herald Square - 1328 Broadway at 34th - 646-473-1165 - Map

  • H&M Lexington - 731 Lexington Ave at 59th - 212-935-6781 - Map
Doors open at 10 AM though http://www.thechoosybeggar.com/ recommends you get there at 6 am for a real shot. Study the look book kids: http://www.hm.com/us/#/cdg/ (Move right for Men's).

I don't really cover tech at all here, but I've never been hyped for a product to come out like I have been this month. Around the end of this month RIM will put out their first touch-screen blackberry, the Blackberry Storm. If you've ever wondered why I carry around a blackberry and the huge 3-year-old prehistoric LG flip-phone it's because I'm waiting for the Storm to come out to combine my work needs with my personal. Peep the demo:

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